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List of Songs in the Inspirational Style
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TitleV  User NameHits  Action  
After the Rain  0 Chris Johnson 4550
Amazing Grace  0 Desiree Parazine 2828
Can You Hear the Rain
    (After the Rain)
 6 Christopher W. Herbert 3765
Guang Mang Xi Wang
    (Ray of Hope)
 0 Maria Chan 2378
Hebrew + Gemran + English
    (Ray of Hope)
 0 Sonja Perenda 2377
Hopefully Final
    (Ray of Hope)
 0 PoonamSharma 863
Ik heb je lief
    (I Love You)
 0 chaim 2439
It's Not the End
    (After the Rain)
 9 Omri Lahav-Composer 2794
Jesus Loves Me  0 Desiree Parazine 2625
Last days  0 billyelson 2049
Leur d'Espoir
    (Ray of Hope)
 0 Pascale Frossard 2691
Leur d'Espoir
    (Ray of Hope)
 0 Pierre Guerin 2394
Leur d'Espoir
    (Ray of Hope)
My Soul To keep  0 Craig Strang 2195
    (Ray of Hope)
 0 sharon osser 2999
Peace in Troubled Times  0 Desiree Parazine 2630
Ray of Hope
 0 Barbara Stone 3686
Ray of Hope
    (Barbara & Anna Stone with The Fallen)
 0 Barbara Stone 3523
Ray of Hope  0 bray smg 2190
Ray of Hope  0 C. Sharp 2204
Ray of Hope  0 Ginger Reed 2465
Ray of Hope
    (with Stephen Cozine Elementary Choir)
 1 Ginger Reed 2100
Ray of Hope  1 Ginger Reed and Amadeus 2043
Ray of Hope  0 Ginger Reed and Amadeus 2090
Ray of Hope
 2 Ginger Reed and Amadeus 1942

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