Songs and/or Lyrics with Robert W Doucette listed as Author
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AllMeRWD   As the universe unfolds
AllMeRWD   Believe in Me
AllMeRWD   Broken Window
AllMeRWD   Captive Memory
AllMeRWD   Children and War
AllMeRWD   Children and War
AllMeRWD   Club of Hearts
AllMeRWD   Give a Little Love
AllMeRWD   Hurts to Say Goodbye
AllMeRWD   It's Not Love
AllMeRWD   Just Take My Heart
AllMeRWD   Little Princess
AllMeRWD   Mister Sunbeam
AllMeRWD   Mister Sunbeam
AllMeRWD   My Heart Weeps
AllMeRWD   Now Is All the Time We Have
AllMeRWD   Simply Love
AllMeRWD   The Way of the Broken Heart
AllMeRWD   These Are the Faces
AllMeRWD   Time Slips
AllMeRWD   Untitled People
AllMeRWD   When I Am Old
AllMeRWD   Where Never You Are