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Big Wheel Keep Turning - V0
Member: ZE4Alyon
Words: AlyonツツOschgerツ




Going back to the beginning, the future I've already seen

Footsteps take me forward, but there ain't no place that I've not already been

When I wake up I'm still dreaming

With my eyes closed I can see

One hundred million people in a big wheel spinning free

CHORUS: It's so easy

With no deceptions, blinding covers, prejudice and don't you know

Its easy

Just a prism in a square inside a circle, spinning free around me

And the big wheel, keeps on turning


Time is moving forward, but you know, I think we're really going back

This moment has all happened, this place I was before when I was only half mad!

As I reach out for a handle

To walk through an open door

To see a hundred billion people in a big wheel moving forward

CHORUS: And its so easy

With no conceptions binding others, clear your mind and you will see


Just a prism in a square inside a circle ... spinning free

And the big wheel; keeps on turning

BIG Wheel ...


Keep on – listen to the wind blow, as it whistles through the trees

When you think you really got it, and you lose it in the breeze, -

of tomorrow ... big wheel keep on turning

The big wheel keeps on turning




I closed my eyes in an act of ponderance, and the world just disappeared ...

Then I had a revelation, I saw a prism in a square inside a circle



I saw perfection in a symbol, a freedom, I never knew existed

And then I had another revelation, of a circle like a wheel going round and round



Well, sometimes you're on top, and sometimes you're on your way down

But does it make any difference?

Cos either way we're just spinning around and round and round!




Big _____ Wheel, ... keep on turning